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Equine Assisted Counseling: Why Horses?
Horses Simply Horse Sense Cherie Cassara LMFT 90709


         Horses  have an innate 

   capability of affecting people in a 

  very positive manner.  These amazing creatures can  

       naturally and honestly provide  

  humankind with  an in depth understanding in

   the areas of ethics, communication 

 (both non-verbal & verbal), creative

     thinking, teamwork, problem

  solving,  responsibility, and   healthy relationships.



Growing & Healing
Horses Simply Horse Sense Cherie Cassara LMFT 90709



          Growing and healing happen 

simultaniously when curing

from emotional pain and suffering.  Horses are large and powerful animals, which can be intimidating, thus creating a natural occurance for the opportunity to overcome many fears and develop

self confidence.


1st Responder Horse Simply Horse Sense Cherie Cassara LMFT 90709

        Benefits of Equine 

        Assisted EMDR

    Horses are very here and now.           They live completely from

          moment to moment not

  concerned with what happened

                   in the past.

            After reacting to any

 danger,horses rapidly return to calm and peace. People also have

    the capacity of reacting to

  danger then returning to peace

   and calm, but not as quickly as

         horses and especially if

           the trauma has been

             ignored or denied. 

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