Benefits of Equine Assisted EMDR                         



      "A Horse is God's gift to mankind"   Arabian Proverb

What is EMDR Therapy?

When trauma is ignored or denied it becomes stored in the body which causes the trauma survivor to have difficulty returning to peace and calm or to relax. The stored trauma has changed their baseline to a more activated state.  When traumatic events remain activated in the survivors body, it can cause numerous symptoms like  hyper-vigilance, anxiety, anger, depression, insomnia, and even PTSD.  Equine Assisted EMDR can bring people  together with horses establishing a safe relationship which can aid the trauma survivor by the horses instinctive and natural ability to reflect human beings psychological states and at the same time calm the human heart rate with heart math (Baldwin,2014).   This calming of the trauma survivors heart rate can help the person to be more able to release and reprocess the stored emotions removing the emotional charge of the memory through the natural bilateral movement of the horses and the eight phase protocol of EMDR.  The release and reprocessing of the traumatic memory can lead to the reduction of symptoms for the trauma survivor along with establishing  the capability to return to a state of peace and calm or to relax.  The added bonus for the human being is also the connected and safe relationship established with the horses which can be a very positive memory.

Horses have many attributes that cause them to be amazing agents of change for the human being.




"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. "


Shannon Ralls Lemon




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