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           Equine Assisted Counseling & Personal Development Philosophy:

                                                         Why Horses?

Equine Assisted Counseling works in conjuction with horses experientially for emotional learning & growth.

Sessions are a duel effort between a therapist (MH) & a horse professional (ES) working with participants & horses.

Cherie M. Cassara LMFT Equine Assisted or Office Based Counseling Orange County CA Horse Assisted


Like humans, horses are social creatures and have distinct personalities and moods.  Similar to the deer, horses are a prey animal by nature; therefore, they are hypersensitive to non verbal behaviors.  Horses require people to remain engaged  with them and will often mirror human body language.  An honest and expressive disposition makes the horse a very powerful messenger of valuable lessons in many  aspects of one's life.


Equine Assisted Counseling is a "short-term" or "brief" non-riding or "non- horsemanship" therapy.


Equine Assisted Counseling or Personal Development is experiential, which means individuals learn about themselves and others by participating in ground activities with horses followed by open discussion of behaviors, patterns, and feelings.


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